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About Elite Co Life Coaching

Specialising in coaching clients undergoing extreme changes caused by unexpected alterations to their daily routine, career or relationships resulting in uncertainty and emotional reactions.

Founder's Belief


Change is intricately woven into the fabric of life, and wearing change is not always an easy fit for everyone...


I am a product of my own sewing, my own design. And with every change or crisis I have faced in my own life, when we reach that fork in the road that triggers our flight or fight response, I have always chosen to fight.


I am an emotional person and in the last 20 years of my professional life, I have been a proverbial model wearing a fashionable smile on the corporate runway. There is no pattern to being resilient. And we don't get given kits to keep ourselves together.

I believe that coaching is an effective way to collaborate with people who are finding it harder to wear a smile every day or wear their hearts on their sleeves because that is expected of them.


Whilst it is important to know that life coaching is not therapy and does not replace psychiatric treatment for those with conditions requiring extra professional care, life coaching can help with goal setting and short-term perspective alterations to strengthen your resolve.

We understand when emotions get in the way and it can freeze you up so that it's almost impossible to move forward in any direction.


Our Commitment


We're committed to listen without judgement and coaching our clients to look at situations from multiple angles and design and tailor an approach that can successfully navigate through unexpected challenges.
We believe that change is an opportunity to tailor and wear success to fit us and this can be done by life coaching change.
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